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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Giant asteroid Coming July 3rd

A giant asteroid is going to fly by earth at about the distance of the moon on July 3rd. It will be a near miss for this 1/2 mile wide space rock. You might even be able to spot it with binoculars as it goes by. But it will happen in the early morning while most people are sleeping in the Americas.

Uff da !
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Thursday, June 22, 2006

We Feel Fine . ORG

Take a look at this ! It is fascinating. Thanks to Dale L. for the hat tip.

Here is a web site that scans the internet for any posting that says "I feel" and then goes on to explain how they feel. The web site notes (when it can) the sex, age, location, weather at that time, and copies the complete sentence following the statement of feeling.

It then arranges these statistics, ordering, sorting by expressed feeling (bad, good, etc) and posts them in a colorful, flowing, artistic, interface for us to look at.

Imagine, on a sunny day in Boston, 20-30 year old women feel... ?
But over time we can see the change in these feelings as a locational (sex, age, mood) grouping.
We could track the effect of a news report around the world. One area rejoices, another mourns. Cities could be compared as to the overall attitude.

Simply put, in my opinion, this is an amazing idea. One for our times. There are millions of blogs out there publishing every day. Over 20,000 added daily. This is much better than the mood rings of the 60's . ;-)

You can look at it here.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

David Parker's Son Beaten On Playground

Who is David Parker ? He is a father of a first grade child in the public school system in Massachusetts. He objected to his son being taught about homosexuality and asked the school to notify him in advance of any pro-homosexual teachings so he could pull his son out of class.
He then refused to leave the school office until the administration agreed to his request.

The school called the police and had him arrested for "trespassing". He went to jail. Since that time his family have faced a smear campaign. This escalated until his 7 year old son was assaulted on the playground by eight to ten children. This happened on the anniversary of the imposition of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts. The school authorities admit that the attack was planned and premeditated !

Isn't this a "hate" crime? Why have we not heard about this? Where is the media?

This is an example of what is coming to anyone who openly opposes the homosexualization of the nation's children. This attempt to seduce sexually confused children into the homosexual lifestyle in the public schools must be stopped now. It has a very evil and bitter core.

Story here.
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Monday, June 19, 2006

Tom Parker Chief Justice Of The Alabama Supreme Court

At his swearing-in-ceremony (he was sworn in by the removed Chief Justice Roy "ten commandments" Moore) Tom Parker said,

"May we (as judges) boldly proclaim that it is God - Jesus Christ - who gives us life and liberty. May we, as justices who have taken oaths to our God, never fear to acknowledge Him. And may the Alabama Supreme Court lead this nation in our gratitude, humility, and deference to the only true source of law, our Creator."

Earlier he had said in front of the guests gathered, including defeated Justice Jean Brown who had voted to remove Moore and Parker over the 10 commandments issue,

"The very God of Holy Scriptures, the Creator, is the source of law, life, and liberty. It is to Him, not evolving standards or arbitrary pronouncements of judges (mere men), that the leaders of every nation owe their ultimate allegiance."

This kind of outspoken leadership is worthy of the highest praise and honor. When he began to encounter heavy criticism from other justices, attorneys, and newspaper editors who accused him of harming public confidence of the court by openly criticizing its decisions Parker responded,
"Exactly the opposite is true. Public confidence in the judiciary will only be restored by many more judges like myself actively resisting rather than passively accommodating judicial activism. "

Tom Parker for president. ;-) Did you know that the statue of Moses carved into the building above the Supreme Court of the US is in need of repair? Let's fix it.

Ya gotta just love this stuff !

Friday, June 16, 2006

Has Noah's Ark Been Found?

Take a look at this and you tell me.... !

Australia Strikes Down Law Recognizing Same-Sex Unions

The election of a conservative Christian Prime Minister has paid off. Australia has followed through on its pledge to eliminate a new law recognizing same-sex unions in Australia.

The Attorney-General used his authority Tuesday, and asked the Governor-General , the head of state under the terms of the nations constitutional monarchy, to declare the law invalid.

The push for same-sex unions with full benefits was an attempt to undermine the 2004 Federal Marriage Act that formally defined marriage as a union between a man and a women according to the Prime Minister.

The Governor-General can strike down laws passed by Australia's two territories within six months of the law's passage.

More here.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Confessions Of A Waqf

A Waqf is the name of Islamic custodians of the Al Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount. These men have passed down stories for centuries from generation to generation. One of these men, fearing for his life and requesting anonymity, has broken from the party ranks to speak the language of truth instead of the "newspeak" of the Islamic faithful.

The Islamic party line is that there never were any Jewish temples on the Temple Mount. That the claim to the mountain was totally a Jewish fabrication. But at least one Waqf disagrees.

The custodians know that the Al Aqsa Mosque was built on the site of "Prophet" Solomon's temple. In addition to this he says that the first guards of the Al Aqsa Mosque were Jews. "The Muslims knew at that time, they could not find any more loyal and faithful than the Jews to guard the mosque, and its compound. They knew that the Jews had a special relation with this place."

"The Muslim world's widespread denial of the existence of the Jewish temples is political in nature and is not rooted in facts," the Waqf said.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Russian Warm Water Port In Syria?

Russia seems to be in the process of establishing a warm water port in Syria. It is dredging a Syrian port with an eye towards developing it into a full fledged warm water naval base complete with state of the art missile defense.

The port of Tartus in Syria will be the solution to the current hodge podge of ports that Russia now rents in the Crimea paying the former Soviet republic $93 million a year. Ukraine has recently asked for more rent money. Another harbor 90 km to the North of Tartus is also being modernized and Russia is also updating Syria's anti-aircraft defense.

These developments could change the balance of power in the region and bring about a dramatic change in regional politics. Modern naval power is nothing less than awesome.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Michael Newdow... "No!"

It's been awhile since I have posted. No excuse. Just good weather in the Spring in Minnesota...
But I was encouraged by this today.

Michael Newdow, our favorite over-the-top liberal atheist, was told "No" by U.S. District Court Judge Frank C. Damrell Jr, yesterday. Newdow wanted the slogan "in God we trust" taken off of our coins and currency. The judge did the right and expedient thing. He simply said no. He said that the words are merely a "secular slogan" and not an infringement on anyone's rights.

Next case please... !

Monday, June 05, 2006

Atlantis Sunk?

Want to know what happened to Atlantis? Maybe it just simply sunk beneath the waves like Plato said.

Scientists have found a large , continent sized, slab of ocean floor sinking into the magma beneath the earths mantle. It is this sinking of solid land that causes some of the volcanic activity we see on the surface. There may be more than one slab of solid land sinking into the center of the earth. This is just the first one that they have found.

The "solid" land that we live on floats on a core of molten magma. What keeps us afloat?
By nature, "solid" land is heavier than molten land. Thus, it would tend to sink. Now do you need a God that is bigger than yourself?

More here.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bird Flu Level 3

It seems that some people to people transmission of bird flu is beginning to be observed. There is a 6 level alarm system for world pandemic. The highest is level 6. Some people are urging the alarm be raised to level 4. It is now at level 3.

There have been a number of "clusters" of human bird flu. This is led to a concern that they are not just numbers of people getting bird flu from the same diseased bird. It seems that there is some people to people transmission going on.

You can read more here.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Ancient Pigment (BaCuSi206) Looses Dimension At Low Temperatures

OK, I know that this sounds complicated. Please bear with me in order to see its significance.

An ancient pigment called "Han purple" has been known to man and used for over 2000 years. The pigment was developed before China even had paper or navigational compasses.
(The Egyptians used a similar one called "Egyptian blue" [SrCuSi4O10] more than 3,500 years ago.) This pigment is used, for instance, to color the statues of terra cotta warriors from the Qian Dynasty that were found buried in China.

This pigment, when exposed to very high magnetic fields and very low temperatures, does something very strange. (extra strange) It looses a dimension ! It goes from three dimensional to two dimensional.

Now, why it is significant... ? Most of us, (really, all of what we call "real life") lives in 3 dimensions. Even colors in a coloring book are 3 dimensions, however thin the third dimension might be. Even sound waves are three dimensional. Yet, this pigment actually looses a dimension.

Quantum Mechanics, the physics of "things" smaller than the protron, neutron, and electron, tells us that, theoretically and mathematically, there are at least 10 dimensions to "reality." What those dimensions are, is impossible to imagine by men who can only seem to experience 3 dimensions.

Is this what Jesus understood when He walked through walls, and on the water? Can we, or do we have any idea what "life" is made up of? As for me ?.... I will trust in the Lord my God. I think it not a good idea, to trust in scientists who know very little. My trust is in God and His word.

Where do you put your trust? You can read more here.