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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Iran's Missile Bluff... Like Immature Kids Playing War

Here is an exaggerated picture of Iran's (photo-shopped) missile launch last week. It is like neighborhood kids playing "fort" and acting like they have really big water balloons ("so don't try to attack us") The only problem is ... these are not water balloons. They are nuclear weapons of mass destruction. Who is the big " 'frady' cat" ? Israel is not. These kind of threatening actions could result in the death of millions of Persians. It is immature and deadly to act like this.


Blogger Carlton said...

Did I mention I think Mankind is stupid?
All the more evidence that the gospel should be preached to people's hearts, not their minds (necessarily). Apologetics is for the Church. Evangelism is for the World. (I know not everybody in the sprucegoose may concur with the former.)
Oh the self-defeating blindness we have as God's creation under the Fall. Who will save us from this body of death!!

p.s. shockingly ignorant == dummy

6:26 AM, July 13, 2008  
Anonymous Jon D. said...

I love the picture.

How come you stopped posting? No new articles for a long time???


8:12 PM, January 16, 2010  

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