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Monday, June 19, 2006

Tom Parker Chief Justice Of The Alabama Supreme Court

At his swearing-in-ceremony (he was sworn in by the removed Chief Justice Roy "ten commandments" Moore) Tom Parker said,

"May we (as judges) boldly proclaim that it is God - Jesus Christ - who gives us life and liberty. May we, as justices who have taken oaths to our God, never fear to acknowledge Him. And may the Alabama Supreme Court lead this nation in our gratitude, humility, and deference to the only true source of law, our Creator."

Earlier he had said in front of the guests gathered, including defeated Justice Jean Brown who had voted to remove Moore and Parker over the 10 commandments issue,

"The very God of Holy Scriptures, the Creator, is the source of law, life, and liberty. It is to Him, not evolving standards or arbitrary pronouncements of judges (mere men), that the leaders of every nation owe their ultimate allegiance."

This kind of outspoken leadership is worthy of the highest praise and honor. When he began to encounter heavy criticism from other justices, attorneys, and newspaper editors who accused him of harming public confidence of the court by openly criticizing its decisions Parker responded,
"Exactly the opposite is true. Public confidence in the judiciary will only be restored by many more judges like myself actively resisting rather than passively accommodating judicial activism. "

Tom Parker for president. ;-) Did you know that the statue of Moses carved into the building above the Supreme Court of the US is in need of repair? Let's fix it.

Ya gotta just love this stuff !


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