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Thursday, June 22, 2006

We Feel Fine . ORG

Take a look at this ! It is fascinating. Thanks to Dale L. for the hat tip.

Here is a web site that scans the internet for any posting that says "I feel" and then goes on to explain how they feel. The web site notes (when it can) the sex, age, location, weather at that time, and copies the complete sentence following the statement of feeling.

It then arranges these statistics, ordering, sorting by expressed feeling (bad, good, etc) and posts them in a colorful, flowing, artistic, interface for us to look at.

Imagine, on a sunny day in Boston, 20-30 year old women feel... ?
But over time we can see the change in these feelings as a locational (sex, age, mood) grouping.
We could track the effect of a news report around the world. One area rejoices, another mourns. Cities could be compared as to the overall attitude.

Simply put, in my opinion, this is an amazing idea. One for our times. There are millions of blogs out there publishing every day. Over 20,000 added daily. This is much better than the mood rings of the 60's . ;-)

You can look at it here.


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