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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Noah In Greek Art

I have come across a very interesting web site of someone who has studied Greek art and believes he has decoded the images there. The result is a very interesting story about the end of the line of Cain, overcome by Noah, and then the overcoming of Noah by Cain once again, thus establishing the power of (serpent) man on the earth once again.

Interested? You can look at it here.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Chemical Weapons In Syria Kill Iranians

On July 23rd, while trying to fit a chemical weapon warhead on a scud missile in Syria, dozens of Iranian technicians as well as 15 Syrian officers died. They made a fatal mistake that led to an explosion releasing clouds of deadly gas.

The accident was reported but the details and the Iranian connection were concealed. Syria has the most sophisticated chemical weapons program in the middle east. They are in a mutual defense pact with Iran. If Israel attacks Iran to destroy their nuclear program like they did the Syrian program, Syria will likely launch chemical weapons on Israel. The scud missiles are capable of reaching Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

If a chemical weapon ever hit a major city in Israel you can be sure that Israel would reply in a very dramatic way destroying all attacking capability. They will not sit back and allow themselves to be annihilated.

Read more here.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Israel Air Strike Destroys Nukes In Syria ?

Evidence is mounting that the invasion of air space over Syria by Israel jets was much more than meets the eye. There are many conflicting reports. All that is known officially is that the jets flew in Syrian airspace and Syria recovered ejected fuel canisters.

The ejected fuel canisters probably indicate a "deep" strike into Syria. A strike that is at the limits of fuel capacity for a safe return. This would take the jets over areas in extreme northern Syria.

Now evidence is coming out that North Korean "advisers" are present in Syria and that they are suspected of bringing nuclear materials into Syri This is what Israel may have bombed with the help of ground forces who lit up the target with lasers for the smart bombs to target.

But the most amazing news of the entire event is that Israel forces somehow disabled the formidable Russian state-of-the-art ground to air missile defenses. There is no word on how they did that. Even Iran does not have this Russian equipment (yet) Maybe now they won't waste their money trying to buy it.

Things continue to heat up in the middle east. You can read more here.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Eye Candy 15

Here is a deep field photo of outer space. These "stars" are all galaxies. The only "star" that is not a galaxy is the one in the upper right corner that has lines radiating through it. The lines are the distortion of the light on the lens.

For as far as our best telescopes can see there are more and more galaxies like our own Milky Way. The expanse of space is incomprehensibly huge.

Now, here is the strange news in light of "evolution" There is no predicted infrared emission from these galaxies. It is as if they are not old. But if they are not old, and the speed of light is constant, then how did they get so far away so quickly?

Maybe the "big bang" theory and the theory of "evolution" are not all that they are cracked up to be? Maybe light can be slowed down or sped up? Or maybe God just spoke the universe into existence at one moment in time 6,000 years ago?

We report, you decide. ;-) You can click on the photo to enlarge it.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

French President Sarkozy

The new French president seems to get it. He has publicly spoken out a philosophical mindset that is refreshing in this day and age. It is greatly encouraging to know that at least one world politician understands the problems behind the failure of education and the root cause of the dysfunctional societies we live in today.

"Religion should not be left at the school room door. The spiritual and the sacred always accompany human experiences. They are the source of all civilization. One can open up [more] easily to others and one can dialogue more easily with people of other religions when one understands their religion." This is what Sarkozy has written in a letter to all of the teachers of France.

He has called them to take part in a "renaissance" and to begin to "guide and to protect the spirit and the sensibilities that are not yet completely formed, that have not yet attained maturity, which are searching, which are still fragile and vulnerable (in the children)"

He said that this is done by, "rewarding the good, punishing the faults, cultivating an admiration of that which is good, just, beautiful, great, true and profound and [cultivating] a detestation of that which is bad, unjust, ugly, insignificant, untrue, superficial and mediocre. That," he said, "is how a teacher renders his service to a child in his care."

I say, "Well, duh !" Finally someone has stood up and spoken the plain truth that is being (purposefully?) ignored in the "normal" schools of America and Europe. This is exactly that which has been eliminated from the educational systems of America. It is as if, historically, America did such a good job of teaching people how to be truly free by being truly educated, body, soul, and spirit, that the only way to conquer it was by undermining these values, thus destabilising the democratic values that America was built upon.

And now the voice of reason comes from, of all places, France?

Sarkozy is continuing to press the theme he introduced as the Interior Minister of France before he was elected President. At that time he called upon France to repudiate it's anti-religious prejudice and restore church state relations.

This all is like a breath of fresh air. Now the next question is, "What is good?" I am not sure that there is a consensus on this question. What is good has to be retaught in the schools. Who decides that? Atheists? The jaded leaders of America all seem to be, like Pilate, unable to determine "truth." Jesus is truth.