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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Retired UofM Prof Heads 9/11 Conspiracy Group

James Fetzer, a retired U of MN professor has founded a group called Scholars for 9/11 Truth.
He and a group of 70 professors and 230 others contend that the government lied to the public about the 9/11 attacks.

They have a web site at There are some UTube videos about this subject on the site. Actually, there seems to be a small tsunami of information on the site.

After reviewing a selection of the information I have to ask, "Don't you guys have anything else to do?" They are contending, among other things, that placed explosions brought the buildings down, the terrorists simply could not have the ability to fly the planes, there have been interviews with the named terrorists after their deaths, the names of the terrorists were not on the planes manifest (Is this so hard to understand? They used assumed names to board the plane. Duh?)

How did these 70 professors become professors ? Lottery?
You can read more here.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Outrage In Minneapolis

The Minneapolis Police Department has demonstrated the insanity that comes from rejecting objective truth and freedom for the sake of appeasement of the politically correct pressure groups of power politics. Power politics cares little for the rights and faith of others. It just wants what it wants.

They fired a police psychologist named Michael Campion. His crime? Glad you asked. No complaints. No moral failures. No terrorism or beating of people while they are on the couch.

It seems he had the audacity to sit on the board of directors of a pro family group when he was living in Illinois. He brought none of that to Minneapolis. He has just done his job. And since when is believing the bible a crime?

I thought we had the right of "free association" and the "freedom of religion"?

You really ought to call your city representatives. Light the police department switchboard up. Use the new 311 number for city problems. Let 'em know what you think.

Here is a link from city pages that should open your eyes. Here

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Jihad By SUV

It seems another person has driven his SUV into a crowd of people killing one and injuring 15. The driver repeatedly pointed his SUV into people who were walking on the sidewalk.

But have you heard anything about the fact that this is just another over-the-top Muslim killing as many "infidels" as possible before being taken off to jail?

His name is Omeed Aziz Popal. Several months ago another person did the same thing. His name was Muhammad Reza Taheri-azar. They both were calm and completely at peace with themselves after the incidents.

But the police have ruled these to not be acts of terrorism. Hmmm? Driving your car into group after group of pedestrians is not terrorism? Well, I don't think it qualifies as "road rage."

The guy even identified himself as a terrorist after the police drug him out of his car.
I looked his name up on the internet and found out that he had another traffic "incident" in March that brought him into court. I wonder what that was all about?

I predict it will take at least two more copy-cat "murders by SUV " before it is seen as a threat.
Read more here. (Look at the Aug. 29th post. SF hit-and-run murderer identifies self as terrorist; police say it wasn't terrorism. )
I am editing this blog to add another web site where you can see a video. The video doesn't seem to work on Firefox for Mac but it did work on Safari. See video here.

Gov. Arnold Vs. Free Speech

Gov. Arnold Steroidnegger has finally shown his true colors. He cares little or nothing about conservative Christian values. He has signed into law one of the worst bills California has come up with in its history. It will affect all of our lives.

He has made it illegal, if you get any money from the state, to speak the truth about non-biblical sexual behavior. It makes no difference if you are Christian, atheist, or liberal space cadet. If you take money from the state of California, you better not ever discuss the bible and what it says in Romans chapter one. That has become hate speech.
There are other bills on the way for his signature even worse than this one. There is one that will change the textbooks of California to remove anything negative about "whatever" sexuality. This will cause changes in other states simply by the fact that California buys so many textbooks that the publishers will edit these changes and sell the same books to other states.

California is on the "slippery slope" and there must be some major changes to keep it from hitting the bottom.
More here.

There, something has finally jolted me out of my apathy about current events. Maybe I will start blogging again now.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

OH MY GOSH World Media Really Is Anti-Jewish !

This is over the top. Thanks to littlegreenfootballs and eureferendum blogs for exposing this total fraud. I am a pretty skeptical guy but I have had it with "mainstream" media.
The world media (includes US) is doctoring photos of the war in Lebanon. Photo shopping photos and sending them out on the newswire. Staging actors in photo essays. Now the printed and TV news media is fully exposed for its willingness to present a one sided story.

I read today about how the deaths in Israel are being almost totally ignored and now I see these retouched and staged events. Please look at this stuff and see what a load of crap we are being fed about Lebanon. Now think about the stuff coming out of Iraq. Should we go back and check the photos there? What is being staged in that war?

This much is clear. The enemy has learned how to use the world media and they play it like a fiddle. Wake up America. Grow up Sprucegoose. There is a reason these guys are "higher beings" in the ecosystem.