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Friday, June 02, 2006

Ancient Pigment (BaCuSi206) Looses Dimension At Low Temperatures

OK, I know that this sounds complicated. Please bear with me in order to see its significance.

An ancient pigment called "Han purple" has been known to man and used for over 2000 years. The pigment was developed before China even had paper or navigational compasses.
(The Egyptians used a similar one called "Egyptian blue" [SrCuSi4O10] more than 3,500 years ago.) This pigment is used, for instance, to color the statues of terra cotta warriors from the Qian Dynasty that were found buried in China.

This pigment, when exposed to very high magnetic fields and very low temperatures, does something very strange. (extra strange) It looses a dimension ! It goes from three dimensional to two dimensional.

Now, why it is significant... ? Most of us, (really, all of what we call "real life") lives in 3 dimensions. Even colors in a coloring book are 3 dimensions, however thin the third dimension might be. Even sound waves are three dimensional. Yet, this pigment actually looses a dimension.

Quantum Mechanics, the physics of "things" smaller than the protron, neutron, and electron, tells us that, theoretically and mathematically, there are at least 10 dimensions to "reality." What those dimensions are, is impossible to imagine by men who can only seem to experience 3 dimensions.

Is this what Jesus understood when He walked through walls, and on the water? Can we, or do we have any idea what "life" is made up of? As for me ?.... I will trust in the Lord my God. I think it not a good idea, to trust in scientists who know very little. My trust is in God and His word.

Where do you put your trust? You can read more here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, so after thinking about it really hard, I don't believe Jesus was Chinese with purple skin... only when he walked through walls -- HA! Just kidding.
I was trying to conceptualize matter being in 2D and still being matter. Matter has to be 3D by definition, doesn't it? But reading the article helped me to moderate the definition of 3D. I was picturing the electrons (and therefore the magnetic field or whatever else would consist) of the pigment flattening out, trying to visualize the neurons disapearing. (Physically dumb -- just sharing here.) But the definition of 3D is somewhat looser than absolute. It seems to be contextual even.
I wonder if the pigment returned to 3D. Because I wonder if something *did* disintegrate. Yet something can produce a 2D magnetic wave and still be matter, and matter is still by definition (the way I understand it) 3D. Moreover, then, the 2D effect would be contextual and not in microcosm. Maybe I'm way wrong but it's the way I understand meanings to match.
So then I thought of this example. A screen is in the shape of a ball. If it spins fast, simulating molecular stuff like electron loops or I don't know, whatever. (There are s-loops and p-loops and the d-loops go loop-dee-loop.) Then the screen ball, spinning fast enough, would act on water like a balloon or a skipping rock and not penetrate the surface. But if you unravel the screen to it's analogous 2D form, a common screen, then it will go through the water easily.
I wasn't going to get this zaney but because of the example I used and it's late in the evening, here it goes: Jesus molecules could have been spinning really fast when he walked on water, but he put them into absolute no-spin cycle when he walked through walls.
...And you know his wash cycle cleans with eternal bleach.
Anyways, on to nihilism. It was this similar issue that scared me when I was a kid less than 10 years old. One night coming home from somewhere in the car, all I sensed and felt and dwelt on was the physical realm. In that place I couldn't know(prove to myself) the things that I believed previously outside of that *mental* realm to have heard from him about his identity and will. I was scared almost literally to death. I cried in anguish telling my mom I didn't want to die. If reality is so vacuously empty, I don't want to die and face the unknown (or actually the cognitive dissonant termination of knowing what is only nothing). Strangest thing happened. It immediately turned into: I didn't want to die *and go to Hell*. Because God *had* spoken to me previously.
Everything is held-together in Him. Praise Jesus Christ. As for me, I will Trust.
Another digression. I wonder if the reality dimensions include time and motion. I thought I heard that experts vary even on the first several dimensions. Like I thought time and motion were dimensions four and five. I'm going to jump to wikipedia now to investigate this. If any of the other 10 dimensions of "reality" are "physical" then that is very fascinating and mind-blowing, *and* makes some definitions "looser", less absolute. So the only only absolute thing is God. The things that are seen were made from what is unseen.

2:53 AM, June 03, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My neurons might be disintegrating but I meant to say "neutrons". Please excuse my couple/few typoz. Speaking of which, Bruce means to say "Pigment *Loses* a Dimension", not "Looses". Furthermore, ...henceforth, I did intend as it shows to type about "looser" definitions, because I'm not a loser by definition.

3:28 AM, June 03, 2006  
Blogger Aaron said...

That's just got to be balogne, Bruce. It can't possibly lose a spacial dimension. I read the article. I think that the dimension loss thing is an exaggeration. It says that the material becomes a Bose-Einstein Condensate. I remember learning about these at the last Nobel Conference in St. Peter last year. Dr. Wolfgang Ketterle spoke about these. They're not actually two dimensional. They just flatten and ripple because Bose-Einstein Condensates are a form of matter that has wave properties (it can be polarized and assimilates energy in discreet quanta). The condensate still technically has to have a width, or it would fall right out out of our material universe. The article is just saying that the condensate can no longer exerts an influence in one of our three dimensions.

And the whole 10 or 11 extra dimesions thing is just Quantum Science Fiction. Extra spacial dimensions and cosmic string/superstring theories have only been hypothetically proposed as a mathematical means of trying to produce a unified field theory to harmonized Einsteinian relativity and gravitation with quantum mechanical phenomena. There's no actual proof.

Extradimensionality as a means of understanding spiritual entities is one of Hugh Ross' favorite little pet ideas. But it's not right. Spaciotemporal dimensions (volume, motion, atomic time) are specifically a property of matter. Spiritual entities have none of them. A spirit has no location and occupies no volume; rather it has a site of association or focus. The spiritual realm has no dimensions or physical properties; there are only associations, conceptual properties, and ideas there. It's just like Plato's world of the forms. Spiritual entities don't have physical properties unless they incarnate / materialize / transubstantiate. They have to construct a material body to have material properties.

2:13 PM, June 05, 2006  
Blogger bruce said...

Two hydrogen atoms walk into a bar. One says, "I've lost my electron."
The other says, "Are you sure?" The first replies, "Yes, I'm positive..."

3:04 PM, June 05, 2006  
Blogger Aaron said...

That was cute, Bruce. :-)

4:45 PM, June 05, 2006  

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