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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Hollidazzle Parade Is Missing Something

I finally broke down and went to the Minneapolis "Hollidazzle" parade for the first time since it started. I didn't expect much, but I had free tickets to sit in the heated tent and drink hot chocolate. I didn't get much.

Something was missing. There was no sign of the reason for the season. Not a mention of Jesus Christ. No manger, no wise men. But there was a witch on the Hansel and Gretle float.

I was unmoved. Not even the cute little Christmas tree light bulbs were even cute in light of a lack of any mention of Christmas and not even a Christmas tree.

Target Corp. had a big float that I don't remember, except that it was big.

Well, as I said, I didn't expect much. That's why all the big corporate geniuses make all the big money. I guess....


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