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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thoughts About Christmas 05 In The USA

I have been thinking about the events of this Christmas season that is upon us. Specifically, these two areas. 1. The endless striving after more "stuff." 2. The attempt to take Christ out of Christmas.

I have been teaching out of the book of Ezekiel (not an easy task). Tonight we reached chapter 26 which is about the judgment of Tyre.

Where the judgment of Ammon, Moab, Edom, and Philistia were each no more than two paragraphs, the judgment of Tyre reaches over three entire chapters and gets us involved with more than just the city state of Tyre but also the colonies of Tyre, the anti-Christ and even satan himself.

Why does God go after Tyre so strongly? Why the special emphasis? What is it about Tyre's commercialism that God is so focused upon it? I believe it is no less than the difference between God's kingdom values and the values of the fallen, lust focused system of the devil himself. And which side do you think the corporate world in the USA is on?

Now, I am not a socialist or some kind of anti-capitalist. I am a typical American. I live in this country and I like it. But I do not buy into the lust for goods. The Christmas season seems to me to be a corporate scheme that is deeper than just a plan to get our money. It is, at its core, atheistic. It is anti-god. That is why the same system that began as a way to fleece us from our money by creating a commercial dream world based on the birth of Jesus, is now trying to turn the corner and remove Christ altogether.

There is no reason to remove Christ. The country of India has over 500 religions in it and yet they require nobody to apologize for what they believe. With this much diversity, they all get along. Hmmm? The philosopher E.R. Norman said, "Pluralism is a word society employs when it is in transition from one orthodoxy to another." I would change this to "Pluralism is a word scoundrels use when they want the society to transition from Christianity to atheism." These scoundrels are the CEO's of the morally corrupt business world. Nothing has changed since God judged Tyre.

The patsies of the corporate world are the professors of corporate academia. The universities of the USA call for "pluralism" because the money people believe in nothing but money. And in a valueless society, money is the discipler of values.

Jesus has His disciples and so does the devil. Tyre had its colonies. It was a discipler for the values of the anti-Christ. Other cities learned how they made money and copied it. The corporate world also disciples. It disciples towards atheism and tells us that we can fill that need for value with valueless "stuff."

No wonder the judgment of Tyre was three chapters long in Ezekiel. No wonder the corporate board rooms want to remove Christ from Christmas. I, for one, am not buying it. The more atheistic the corporations become, the less I will shop there for the necessities of this life. My life requires value.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So does this mean Joe is not getting a new bow?


10:31 PM, November 28, 2005  

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