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Monday, December 05, 2005

Bird Flu False Alarm ?

Things are rising to a higher pitch about the bird flu threat. On Friday night at about midnight I spotted a small item that talked about the rapid spread in Jakarta Indonesia. Then there was another item in the morning on World Net Daily that was alerting human to human transmission was likely. (You can read that post here)

But that actually got me to thinking. I have done nothing to prepare yet for this very possible event. What did I need to do?

I settled on these steps.
1. Lay into my house a couple of months of non-perishable foods and begin to rotate storage.
2. Try to locate some face masks that are of a higher quality than sheet rock masks.
3. Look over my regular survival supplies to make sure they were all in good shape.

In 1918 my Grandfather died from the "Spanish" flu. This is the same stuff. It will follow the crowds of population. (Note to self... cancel trips to crowded areas. i.e. stores. Thus the need to store up food. Not to mention that the shelves might be empty due to panic and sick workers and stuff like that) The 1918 flu seemed to pass through an area after about 2 months.

The bird flu is a virus so it can pass through the best face mask but the virus is usually attached to particulate matter and the face mask can stop that. Also, if I have the flu, it would be good for me to not breathe it on others.

I do not now and never will believe that the "government" will take care of me. There is nobody looking out for me except God. Not even Bill O'Rilley. So I have things to back up the heat, water, sanitation needs of my household. When the grid goes down, as it did in an ice storm in upper New York a few years back, it can actually be months until it goes back into service. In the meantime, I will need water, heat, electricity, etc. I am always prepared for that. But actually I probably could only last about a month. And even less if I could not get gas. I am working on that. A major purchase I still intend to make is a tri-fuel generator. I only have a gas powered one at this time. I don't need a big one, but I do need one.

Life could change almost overnight if the bird flu breaks out like all the chicken littles are saying. Jesus is the one who looks out for me and keeps me safe, but I do my part by taking common sense steps to mitigate the potential problems.

However, if you do not have the supplies I have and you are cold and hungry and even sick with the bird flu and can't get to the hospital, feel free to come over to my house. I will share what I have. I will even care for you and pray for you until the crisis passes. What else could a Christian do?


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