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Friday, May 26, 2006

Supreme Court Hears Abortion Survivors

Yes, there are individuals who survive the best attempts to kill them when they were newborn.
They often have lifetime disabilities that they have to overcome in order to function due to the horrible effects of salt poisoning or even the "doctors" surgically tearing off of a limb while still in the womb. They make it into the world somehow, screaming for life. Someone steps in and rescues them before the killers can leave them die due to their injuries. Many are simply left to bleed to death on the table. Others are suffocated. Yet, against all odds, a select few survive.

Those few are in the process of testifying of their lives to the Supreme Court of the US as I type this. The court is hearing testimony of the horrors of partial birth abortion. They have allowed these survivors to appear before them with testimonies.

Please pray for a total turnaround in the thinking of the justices. Pray that they might realize the full horror of decades of brutality towards the unborn.

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