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Monday, May 22, 2006

When The Deep Purple Falls...

Minnesota has moved from a blue state to parity. A new poll ("Red"Star/Tribune) shows that 29% of the states populace now consider themselves republican and 25% consider themselves democrat. A statistical dead heat.

Minnesota cannot be said to be a red state yet, but it has certainly moved to (at least) purple.
Purple rain anyone?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Potentially good news, but I'm skeptical. The Strib is *so* old-Red that it has been consistently ultra-biased to the Left. And seeing how the Left has played with polls, and specifically the Strib, I suspect the Strib purposefully skewed these numbers to raise hysteria from Minnesota Democrat voters to spur momentum for this year's elections. The twisted thing that makes the entire thing more enigmatic is that there have been other signs in the past decades of increasing Republican numbers that point to an increasing dead-heat. So, I'm not trying to be stereotypically Conspiratorial, but I wouldn't be surprised if presently there were more new-Reds than new-Blues in Minnesota, yet the Blues are in the "fever-swamp" as Hugh Hewitt puts it. Their fervor has propelled them in past decades to pervert standards and laws beyond their morally representative numbers.

6:38 PM, May 22, 2006  

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