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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Israel Air Strike Destroys Nukes In Syria ?

Evidence is mounting that the invasion of air space over Syria by Israel jets was much more than meets the eye. There are many conflicting reports. All that is known officially is that the jets flew in Syrian airspace and Syria recovered ejected fuel canisters.

The ejected fuel canisters probably indicate a "deep" strike into Syria. A strike that is at the limits of fuel capacity for a safe return. This would take the jets over areas in extreme northern Syria.

Now evidence is coming out that North Korean "advisers" are present in Syria and that they are suspected of bringing nuclear materials into Syri This is what Israel may have bombed with the help of ground forces who lit up the target with lasers for the smart bombs to target.

But the most amazing news of the entire event is that Israel forces somehow disabled the formidable Russian state-of-the-art ground to air missile defenses. There is no word on how they did that. Even Iran does not have this Russian equipment (yet) Maybe now they won't waste their money trying to buy it.

Things continue to heat up in the middle east. You can read more here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, there's some acting.

It's really a world scene. Isn't diversity beautiful? Koreans and Russians and Middle Easterners all fellowshipping and collaborating. I wish our journalists would let us in on the love-fest, because they talk to us like the U.S. is missing out on the party that's going on anyways. Come on, let's share. We're all world citizens here. I mean, until we land on Mars we might as well get along.

3:55 AM, December 30, 2007  

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