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Friday, December 29, 2006

Here's A Straight Quote For The New Year

Iran Press News: One of the many regime-run news agencies
Ayandeh’yeh Roshan reported:

Moussa Salemi, the Friday prayer leader of Asadabad, in an interview with the news agency said: “By the grace of God, the administration of Mr. Ahmadinejad, has been inspired by and received revelations from the command of 12th Imam. The closer we get to “the end of days”, the closer we get to hope. Just as God almighty has promised, soon poverty, discrimination and oppression of people and the real justice will spread on earth. The administration of Mr. Ahmadinejad has also brought these good tiding to people and we are trying to solve those problems; that way we can secure the axis of justice. This is what the 12th Imam wants. Of course we do not expect that this event would happen all that soon. Discussing justice is also good news for the masses. The Revolution happened so that people can attain their desires and as such, today one can smell Imam Mahdi’s justice. The Qur’an has commanded that Muslims do not oppress anyone and that they do not put up with oppression either. This is compatible with logic too. The real Muslim is a person who does not lash out at people. Devotion is also an element of faith and this means that people are safe in his hand. A real Muslim should also stand up to oppression because one of the principles of our religion is jihad. If our foreign policy is to be successful, it should be on this basis. The rule of the 12th Imam – the Mahdi – is also on this basis; it will confront tyrants forcefully and his justice will be very real. Of course we should be aware of the fact that the Imam’s sword will not fall on everyone’s neck. The sword is neither for Muslims or Jews or even infidels, but for tyrants as it is tyrants who stop people’s growth and progress. When the Imam emerges he will enlighten people by discussing religion and when people become totally aware of the nature of religion, their conscience would not permit them to reject what is right. Those who obstinately refuse to accept religion will have the sword of the Imam will decisively come down on their neck.”

Just what "religion" is that? One world government religion? Or just plain Muslim? I have never known a less compassionate religion than Islam. I am sure there are some, but I have never known of one. This quote above grosses me out ! The mentality behind this quote is that of a fudal king with the character of Hitler.

This does not mean that there are not nice Muslims. Many are very nice. But they are not the ones in power.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The sword is not for infidels (people who reject), but people who reject (infidels) will get the sword. How nice. Yeah, Hitler lied like this, too. And feudal? Yeah, there's a bunch of people living back in some century way back there. Maybe if we just educate them. (Sarcasm.)

1:24 AM, December 31, 2006  
Blogger ruth said...

I find it of no small coincidence that both Hitler and Mohammed had a visitation from lucifer, the angel of light (recorded in history).. Both immediately afterward thought they were the messiah and both began slaughtering gods children..I hope Obama isnt the third false messiah but i think he might be

7:17 PM, March 15, 2008  

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