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Sunday, December 24, 2006

ShotSpotter Technology Finally Applied In Minneapolis

At 6 PM on Friday night the new $325,000 ShotSpotter Technology was turned on in South Minneapolis. By 1 AM it had nabbed it's first perp. Shots were fired in the 2500 block of Park Ave S and the police responded and were able to make an arrest of the man who pulled the trigger. No one in the neighborhood had called the shots into 911.

Those of you who don't know about this technology should pay attention. By placing microphones trained to distinguish gun shots from the background noise around a neighborhood, police computers can triangulate the exact location and instantly dispatch police to the scene. The next best thing to being there before the incident occurs.

This technology is scheduled to be deployed in North Minneapolis ASAP. Good work city government, but it's about 2 years behind in implementation. At least now it has been implemented.

Source - Star Trib Sunday Dec. 24th page B6


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thankful in the hood.
At least some relent from the destructive policies of the city and state. If I were cynical I'd say this enables those policies.... but I'm just going to be thankful for a minute or two.

4:56 AM, December 29, 2006  

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