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Friday, December 15, 2006

"Death To Jews" Shouted In France

In late November people in the streets of France rioted and shouted "Death to the Jews", "Kill the Jew", "Dirty Jew". This is the same demonic spirit (principality) that slaughtered 6 million Jews in WWII.
This spirit seems to be rising in power and influence as we move into the prophetic time spoken about in Ezekiel 38 in the bible.

It is as if entire nations are shaking their fists at the Jews and blaming them for every ill on the face of the earth. It is insanity on a group level. It is irrational. It cannot be reasoned with. It has come to "kill, steal, and destroy."

Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, the profound prayer.

Fitting France.

My cat is out of my bag. (And I don't even like pets.)
: I think this news is a sign of the end of reason in politics, with the sign of it's exactingly proverbial and prophetic result.

4:40 AM, December 29, 2006  

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