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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Somalia Declares War On Ethiopia

Background I just discovered on the web....
On August 8th, Somalia invaded Ethiopia, the latest chapter in the ongoing dispute over the Ogaden. The Somalis were initially successful in their attack, but the Soviets-- initially patrons of the Somalis-- switched sides and started supporting the Ethiopians. They withdrew all aid to the Somalis, who were thus forced to rapidly retreat.

Wow ! No wonder I hit a nerve with my post yesterday. Today Somalia has declared war on Ethiopia. I am blown away. The Islamic leader in Somalia today declared war on Ethiopia.
Is Kenya next? Is Eritrea going to join Somalia's lead? Is Sudan involved?

There is already heavy artillery fire. Attacks with helicopters are probably next.

Jihad (not the inner struggle but the traditional way of violent murder, rape, and theft) is once again marching across the globe. This is how it spreads. With murderous hordes of opportunists stealing their way to personal riches as the reward for violence. This is not the way of the God of grace, love, and mercy. It is the way of he who has come to "kill, steal, and destroy." That is satan himself.

I hope this opens the spiritual eyes of those who are in the "valley of decision." Look ! See!
Satan's kingdom advances by murder. 100's on both sides are already dead.

Hey Killian (and friends) .... your true colors are showing. Camouflage cannot hide a snake in the grass.

It seems that there are three parties involved. Ethiopia (an ancient country), Jihad, and Communism. Each with its own agenda. I suspect Killian might be a misinformed communist (who are atheists not Christians, except by individual historic heritage.) Or he could be a Muslim who has devious, murderous intentions. He is not a Christian.

You can read more here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Somalia got there hat handed to them, just as Killion did.

I hear Ethiopia has wanted to overtake Eritrea for awhile. Wonder if that could cause Sudan to spill over.

4:30 AM, December 29, 2006  

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