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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Who Killian Really Is

I think I have discovered the lair of this commentator on my blog. His name might be Thomas Killian. He is a lecturer in the Humanities Department of San Francisco University. He has written a book called the "Historical Dictionary of Eritrea" I suspect he is a communist.

Many communist snakes hide out in the halls of academia in the USA. They are truly working for the overthrow of the culture of the U.S.A. Which makes them, "not friends" of our lives and heritage. They care nothing or little about the heritage of the USA. They are, by definition, atheists (yet many hide behind a heritage of Christian tradition)

Or maybe Killion is a secular humanist. The "compassionate" idiots of American society.
Artistic types, killers of babies in the name of compassion for the irresponsible mothers. Haters of their own societies. Antagonists of the majority.

Hey Killion.... I am calling you out. If this is you then identify yourself so all can get a good look at you and your evil ideas.

Tell us about your communist attempts to overthrow the Ethiopian government. Tell us about the culture you attempted to destroy. Tell us why you hate Christianity and Ethiopia. Tell us why you traveled with the communist rebels in Eritrea. Are you a "liberation theologian"?

I am just "shooting in the dark" here, but I think I am close to target. If I am wrong, tell me so, I am fully willing to apologise. Convince me you are a Christian with God's will as your goal.
I think you are the worlds most prominent spin doctor for the communists in Eritrea.

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