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Thursday, December 21, 2006

More On The War Against Ethiopia

There are three parties involved in this war and more on the way. There is Ethiopia, the legal government of Somalia, and the "Union of Islamic Courts" an legitimate government of Sharia type of law. Ostensibly the Islamic Courts are there to bring law and order to a chaotic political landscape.

Ethiopia has supported the government (of war lords) against the Islamics. So the Islamics have declared war on Ethiopia. (Even though the government and Islamic courts have declared a temporary peace treaty between each other) Now Eritrea is said to be sending 2,000 troops to support the Islamic Court forces.

Well call me dumb and paint me with mud if this is not a pre-planned and designed attempt to steal a piece of Ethiopia. Jihad is on the move.

France has special forces in Djibouti as well as America. Developing.

You can catch up here.

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