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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Outrage In Minneapolis

The Minneapolis Police Department has demonstrated the insanity that comes from rejecting objective truth and freedom for the sake of appeasement of the politically correct pressure groups of power politics. Power politics cares little for the rights and faith of others. It just wants what it wants.

They fired a police psychologist named Michael Campion. His crime? Glad you asked. No complaints. No moral failures. No terrorism or beating of people while they are on the couch.

It seems he had the audacity to sit on the board of directors of a pro family group when he was living in Illinois. He brought none of that to Minneapolis. He has just done his job. And since when is believing the bible a crime?

I thought we had the right of "free association" and the "freedom of religion"?

You really ought to call your city representatives. Light the police department switchboard up. Use the new 311 number for city problems. Let 'em know what you think.

Here is a link from city pages that should open your eyes. Here


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