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Saturday, August 05, 2006

OH MY GOSH World Media Really Is Anti-Jewish !

This is over the top. Thanks to littlegreenfootballs and eureferendum blogs for exposing this total fraud. I am a pretty skeptical guy but I have had it with "mainstream" media.
The world media (includes US) is doctoring photos of the war in Lebanon. Photo shopping photos and sending them out on the newswire. Staging actors in photo essays. Now the printed and TV news media is fully exposed for its willingness to present a one sided story.

I read today about how the deaths in Israel are being almost totally ignored and now I see these retouched and staged events. Please look at this stuff and see what a load of crap we are being fed about Lebanon. Now think about the stuff coming out of Iraq. Should we go back and check the photos there? What is being staged in that war?

This much is clear. The enemy has learned how to use the world media and they play it like a fiddle. Wake up America. Grow up Sprucegoose. There is a reason these guys are "higher beings" in the ecosystem.


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