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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bush Popularity = Price Of Gasoline

The popularity polls of president Bush directly parallel the price of gasoline. When the price of gas goes up in the US, the popularity of Bush goes down. When the price of gas goes down, the popularity of Bush goes up.

Hmm? Just exactly how shallow and clueless are American consumers? Is it really just about money and self ? It looks like moral goals and purposes are trumped by self intrests.

Oh my !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is so cool to see.
"It's the economy, stupid."
This verifies for me how blind ("stupid") people are.

3:48 PM, April 20, 2006  
Blogger Aaron said...

Good find, Bruce. That's pretty good statistical confirmation of the qualitative trend that we observe in media polls.

You know, the sad thing is that we let people like that vote. I'm starting to become a huge advocate of the notion that people should have to take a literacy test and recite the Bill of Rights verbatim before being allowed to vote.

I get really tired of having to explain to people where every cent of a dollar of gas goes. (I think I'll have to post a blog on that so it's available.) Oil companies get one of the smaller chunks; influencing them is hardly worth it. Also, we mustn't forget that the amount of crude coming out of the ground is the same as always, but the demand is higher with China and India wanting a bigger cut as they continue to industrialize. Basic rules of supply and demand take over here.

Again, good find, Bruce. Thanks.

8:19 AM, April 21, 2006  
Anonymous kris said...

All to true that we have become a society that can't think long term.Whether one buys Bush'es act or not this general trend bodes poorly for our future as a country.Who's job is it to tell the public gas will cost over 5 dollars a gallon if/when we jump into Iran?Could we wait a couple of years and be prepared to endure this spike, or is it just up to the public to cross this cliff when we go flying over it?Seems like our career politicians have forgone the advantages of being short term citizen leaders,and are loathe to endure the short term popularity loss that sometimes comes with tough decisions.Cheap oil is gone-the only way we can get thru all this to embrace medium priced domesticly produced alternatives.Otherwise we will be like the monkey captured by it's own refusal to release the apple inside the coconut,thereby sealing it's capture.Hasn't Iraq shown us that winning the war isn't the hard part,winning the peace is?Inserting a pro-USA goverment into Iran after the use of a few tactical nukes may prove to be impossible.I most certainly believe we will be pushed into striking at Iran,but preparing to endure further oil supply shortages is essential,and since part of leaderships job is to sell a course,(just as much as charting one)lets hope our politicians do so.

12:12 AM, April 29, 2006  

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