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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Should We Trust God Or Al Gore?

Here is a link to a propaganda film trailer designed to launch Al Gore back into contention for the presidency. Personally, I think he could pull it off if he ran today. Just because the liberals would like to teach us conservatives a lesson.

This film is stunning. Disaster looms. Only Al Gore's leadership can save us. If the full film is as exciting as the trailer, you can bet it will have an impact. I can't help but wonder how many elephant sized talking heads got together to put this thing into production.

I think this is the future of world politics. Natural disasters grow in frequency and the left wing, along with the moderate and liberal republicans, begin to attack the religious right for causing the problems (by not joining them in their fear and rhetoric.) Thus, the religious right get marginalized and become the new scapegoat of the new order of the new millennium.


Blogger Aaron said...

This reminds me of a conversation earlier today. The reason that people fall for this global warming and climate change garbage is a phenomenon called uncertainty aversion. It's like risk aversion; in risk aversion people prefer not to take a risk if they can get the same result in a less risky way. With uncertainty aversion, people like the psychological comfort of a definite answer or theory (even if it's wrong) compared to not knowning. Some people would rather believe in global warming than conclude that the data support no define conclusions. But of course, psychological comfort is no gage for the truth.

4:59 PM, April 18, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One: I think the talking-heads are *donkey*-sized.

Two: I agree that this will be the future of world politics. Exactly. Yet moreover, the point on *how*: it will be *increasingly* propaganda as you call it. Propaganda in the worst sense, degree of the word. And they will believe by what they see. As you have often mentioned, they live in a movie and expect us to live in their movie.

Three: "uncertainty aversion" -- I like that... good call.

6:16 PM, April 18, 2006  
Anonymous kris said...

Should we trust in Al Bore or God?I know what you mean bro,jeez if the big guy thought enviromentlism was important we would have seen a story in the bible that touches on that-but when ewe look thru the whole ARK of the thing -nothing.Personaly I find the enviromental movement deeply disturbing-why would we teach are kids anything that implies earthly limits or hints at delayed gratification?Further since almost all of the big bubble oil is held by muslim countries it must be "his " will that we transfer all are wealth to them.Definite conclussions to be sure have not been drawn(global heating up or new ice age),that greenhouse gases impact substantialy the climate is only disputed by those that cannot see anything but the negatives of dealing with it.The country this would most impact would be China, that great christian bulwark of democracy.Countries like Iran might find that importing forest thinnings products from the USA to offset carbon taxes (wood acts like a carbon sink)would change dramaticly their earthquake challenged housing.(gosh that is soooo non christian)Its well known that the earth would be much cooler without any carbon dioxide ,why is it so crazy to say that it's going to get hotter with more of it ?!Are you sure your major wasn't in ostracism-with a minor in post disaster problem solving?Please refer us to those parts of the bible that teach poor stewardship as rightousness,short term greed as a virtue,and GOD'S DESIRE FOR US TO RID THE PLANET of all the creature's of no immeadiate financial benefit?MUST BE A REVISED ADDITION.........

11:04 PM, April 28, 2006  

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