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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Bush Blamed For Demise Of Erotic Films

President Bush and "U.S. political conservatives" are being blamed for the low profitability of the erotic film industry. The guy who gave us "Basic Instinct" senses it is the fault of Bush. Yes, this is the same Bush who has porn stars attending his social functions. Yes, these are the same political conservatives that wear party hats and hire strippers at conventions. How can such an injustice happen in America?

Well, Paul Verhoeven, creator of "erotic movies" America just is fed up with and sick-up-to- here with your trash. America is scrambling for moral sanity. America is returning to church, (although I am not sure they will find biblical morality there) America is a moral country. Its decline in the eyes of the world is because of its decline in morality. When it truly ceases to be moral, it will be finished on the world scene. Maybe the sexual revolution is over in America and we are returning to the center?

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