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Monday, April 10, 2006

Student Flight From Public Colleges And Universities

It seems that middle Americans are forsaking public higher education and bringing their mass exodus into schools that are Christian Colleges and Universities.

Since 1990 there has only been a 12.8% rise in Public enrollments as compared to a 70.6% rise in Christian enrollments. People are getting fed up with the lies, propaganda, insincerity, and manipulation of the public establishments of higher education. They are hoping for a more balanced education in the Christian colleges and universities.

I am not sure I believe that middle America will get what they are looking for. I think that most "Christian" colleges and universities are deeply and severely compromised. They must learn that they cannot serve both God and the world. They will end up choosing one and hating the other.

Will the "Center" hold? There are encouraging signs. But we still do not know.

Source: USA Today poll


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They won't hold long... unless there is a 9-11 or awakening for the church. And I'm not too sure about the history of revival, but to me, it sure looks like it will take substantial persecution or some degree of tribulation for there to be impetus for revival. Got my endtimes goggles on... and they seem to work better and better every year. WHEN the center goes, boy that will be fascinating to see where the world takes us (in this world).

10:19 PM, April 10, 2006  

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