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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

514 PHD's Do Not Agree With Darwinist Evolution

154 biologists, 63 physicists, 76 chemists, and many others are risking it all by signing on to a statement skeptical of Darwinist Evolution. This makes the statement that the PBS "Evolution" program made saying, "virtually every scientist in the world believes the theory (of evolution) to be true,"...... just a little wrong.

Evolutionists continue to claim that no serious scientists doubt evolution. Well then, they better control the academic tenure committees if they want to stifle discussion. Oh wait ! They DO control all of the academic tenure committees and actively stifle dissent and discussion.

There is just something wrong with PHD's mocking other ideas and using the media and the courts to eliminate debate. I really do not think that they care that much about America's science reputation. I think they are worried about their own reputations.

If you have a PHD and disagree with evolution you can sign on to the list here.


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