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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Indiana Shouts Jesus !

The Indiana state legislature reacted when a Federal Judge ruled them illegal for using the name of Jesus when praying to open a legislative session. For 189 years they have prayed in the name of Jesus. Then some Federal Judge comes in and says they can't. Well, they voted 83 to 0 to reject the Judges ruling.

But it is just a resolution. A legal appeal has been lodged. In the meantime the members of the legislature meet in the back of the room before the sessions begin and pray in whatever name they choose.

I cannot imagine how any judge in his tortured imagination could think that they could legislate from the bench about how anyone anywhere can pray or in what name to do it. This is the land of the free, not the land of atheists. No one persons life trumps another. Each can do as they see fit. We don't have to shut up so others are not offended. No matter what your mother says. Neutrality means just that.... neutrality.

You pray in whatever name you want and I will pray in whatever name I want. I respect you, and you respect me. Is this so hard?


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