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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

California State University Rejects Christian Group

CSU administrator banned Christmas decorations and then turned around and banned a Christian student group from forming. She said that the Christian group was "not permissible" due to its requirement that its members be Christians.

One can't help but wonder what she was thinking. Of course Christian groups are made up of Christian believers. What does she think? That Christian groups should accept non-believers?
That simply does not make sense.

Her only legitimate action would be to ban all faith based groups. But that would expose her as a Christ-o-phobe. (As well as get her in trouble with the public and the supreme court)

It is because of this supreme stupidity masked as reason that we delivered and won a lawsuit in 2004 against the University of Minnesota. Christians have the right to be Christians. But they won't have it for long if they don't speak up.

When the celebration of Christmas (or the 4th of July) is called "religious discrimination" and "ethnic insensitivity" it is always a sure sign that some administrator has lost their everloving mind. Probably from watching too much TV. When Christians are asked to deny their own values in order to be a part of a tax paid public system, tyranny is in the wings.


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