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Monday, June 27, 2005

Wireless New York; It's Benefits Revealed

Smart Mobs has put up an interesting link today.
For a mere $10 per person all 5 boroughs of New York could be made wireless thus allowing for some extremely beneficial new innovations. Such as;
Give firefighters the ability to download the blueprints of a burning building on the way to a fire;
Give residents the ability to receive information from and communicate instantly with emergency personnel during a disaster or terror attack including underground in the subway;
Provide New York commuters like those in Washington and London -- real-time updates on arrival times, departures, and service disruptions of subways, buses, trains and ferries.

Cell phone technology is now at the point that you can do all of this on your personal phone/mp3 player/web browser/windows interface. It is time for all of the cities to begin to implement this sort of network. Additional ideas of how this sort of thing could be used?
1. Amber alerts
2. Home computers linked to home security
3. GPS locators
4. Storm warnings
5. Crime alerts
6. Even rare bird sightings
7. Use your imagination

You can read the original post on Public Advocate here.


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