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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Minnesota Government ?

The government is in special session and the Dems are doing all that they can to destroy a good state. Knee jerk liberals abound in this beautiful place. Too much good living makes some people crazy so the Dems are threatening to stop the Minnesota government by not approving the budget. Just like Clinton did back in 96? (95?)

I was in Malaysia and on my way to Cambodia back then but I lost my passport. The embassy was closed. All non vital government agencies were closed around the world. So I prayed. Within 12 hours I had a new passport issued from an embassy that was closed. Then I needed a new visa stamp. It was a Muslim holy day. The Muslim government in K.L. was closed. So I prayed. In 3 hours I had a new visa and made it on the next plane. I was delayed less than 24 hours due to the loss.

Then I returned to K. L. and my host got a phone call. Someone had found my lost fanny pack and located my hosts business card in it. He returned the old passport, my wallet, over $400 in cash, and all of my credit cards, license, etc. Pretty amazing !

But most liberals would say it was just a coincidence.


Blogger Barbara said...

But, it's so nice to find there are still honest people in the world, isn't it!

11:06 PM, July 10, 2005  

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