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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Outrage in Wisconsin

Since when does a pharmacist, doctor, lawyer, teacher, loose their job because they refuse to do something immoral or unethical ? How can a free society tolerate this sort of thing? There are other pharmacies that this prescription can be taken to. This is pure intimidation to squelch religious freedom. It is an outrage.

Madison, WI (
-- A judge ruled Monday that a pro-life pharmacist in Wisconsin should be reprimanded for refusing to fill a customer's prescription because he believed the drug causes abortions and violates his moral beliefs.

Administrative Law Judge Colleen Baird suggested that pharmacist Neil Noesen have his license restricted for two years for the July 2002 incident, in which he refused to fill the birth control prescription of a University of Wisconsin-Stout student.

Noesen also would not transfer Amanda Phiede's prescription to another pharmacy.

Judge Baird said Wisconsin law prohibits pharmacists from actions that pose a "danger to the health, welfare or safety of a patient or public.''

He said Noesen put the student "at risk for an unwanted pregnancy" by his actions and required him to take ethics classes to continue employment as a pharmacist. Noesen would also have to inform future employers of the drugs he would not dispense and be required to pay for the legal proceedings.

The Wisconsin Pharmacy Examining Board will issue a final decision in the case in April and is under no obligation to follow Judge Baird's recommendation.
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