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Sunday, February 27, 2005

University (Conservative) Bloglist

I am starting a new bloglist. I am calling it Universtity (Conservative) Bloglist. (vs. conservative university bloglist an oxymoron)
I am doing this because of my heart passion for the university communities of the world. I find any university blog interesting. A network of conservative blogs emanating from the universities of the world might be quite helpful.
If you would like to be part of this list and are willing to reciprocate please let me know.


Blogger Aakash said...

Dear sir,

Your blogroll is very long... Perhaps the lengthiest that I've ever encountered; I just found out, via my blog's Technorati page, that my blog is on it.

Anyway, I came here for the first time, and the title of your most recent entry caught my eye. (The reason has to do with the name of my blog... It was started over two years ago, and I'm still hanging in there.) Also check out another weblog I maintain, for the UIS College Republicans (of which I am the Chairman).

I will gladly reciprocate the links (if I remember... when I am next updating my blogroll - if not, you may have to remind me). I think that starting a compilation of "university blogs" is an excellent idea - thanks for taking the initiative. Keep up the good work!

3:02 AM, February 28, 2005  

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