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Monday, February 28, 2005

Oceanliner To Nowhere

In an article in the Minnesota Daily today it was disclosed that the Governor is looking into funding individual students with tuition instead of the university directly. This would work to make the university more responsive to the students instead of to the universities individual and corporate ambition. I for one strongly agree with this direction. At this point there is little or no accountabiltity to the state or the students and both feel as if they are being used and abused by the university. The university has no internal reason to respond to these accusations of abuse so it simply putters on its merry little way jacking up tuition and requesting more money from the state.

Maybe I am old fashioned but I believe that the main purpose of the university is to train the next generation. Instead it has become a tool to develop the economy and to fashion the masses into workers for the corporate machine. It has no idea of purpose beyond that. Free thought is a thing of the past. Political correctness, corporate stability, and money seems to have taken over. People are no longer taught ethics because ethics have become relative and thus worthless. People are no longer taught history because history has become relative and thus worthless. The university is a huge ocean liner without a rudder. There is a lot of activity on board but there is no real purpose except the cruise. And it is heading nowhere except to disaster.

It needs to find its purpose in life. And that needs to be in conjunction with God's purposes. It will not find purpose outside of eternal purposes. The noble and greater idea of man comes from religion not philosophy or psychology. And religion is carefully excluded from the debate. The shallow and lessor purpose of making money and making life more plush is bankrupt indeed.


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