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Friday, February 25, 2005

Dr. Jobe Martin Creationist

We hosted on campus at the UofMN, Dr. Jobe Martin, who for the past 20 years has been exploring evolution vs. creation. His findings have been fascinating students around the world as he lectures on remarkable animal designs that cannot be explained by traditional evolution. Dr. Martin himself was a traditional evolutionist, but his medical and scientific training would go through an evolution...rather a revolution when he began to study animals that challenged the scientific assumptions of his education.

Dr. Martin is not your average creationist. He was the dentist for the president of the US years ago and a product of political correctness. His change to the side of creation was studied and deliberate. Although Dr. Martin is not a "top 10" creationist speaker, he still drew a crowd of about 120 students and the only advertising was through the simple distribution of handbills.

There seems to be more intensity to the interest in creation on campus. Many of this generation are refusing to just "swallow and follow." People can smell a snow job.
Many new students are on alert to the anti-God propaganda that seems to come from everywhere and is required for graduation with anything over a B.S.

There are going to be many embarresed intellectuals one day when the plain truth comes out. Evolution IS ONLY AN UNSUBSTANTIANTED HYPOTHESIS.

Dr Jobe Martin

Dr Martin graduated in 1986 from Dallas Theological Seminary with a Masters of Theology in Systematic Theology. He has spent the last twenty years studying the topic of Biblical Creation vs. Evolution, and lectures frequently on the subject. He has written a superb book on the subject, The Evolution of a Creationist (1990). In addition, Dr Martin, in collaboration with Reel Productions, has produced a very interesting and enjoyable video called Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution.

University of Pittsburgh Dental School, 1966
Dallas Theological Seminary, Th.M., 1986


Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Evolution IS ONLY A THEORY' What people usually mean when they say this is ‘Evolution is not proven fact, so it should not be promoted dogmatically.’ Therefore people should say that. The problem with using the word ‘theory’ in this case is that scientists use it to mean a well-substantiated explanation of data. This includes well-known ones such as Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and Newton’s Theory of Gravity, and lesser-known ones such as the Debye–Hückel Theory of electrolyte solutions and the Deryagin–Landau/Verwey–Overbeek (DLVO) theory of the stability of lyophobic sols, etc. It would be better to say that particles-to-people evolution is an unsubstantiated hypothesis or conjecture.

9:56 AM, February 27, 2005  
Anonymous Alexander Winslow said...

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12:47 PM, April 19, 2005  

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