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Monday, September 04, 2006

Weapons Systems Gather For Future Confrontation

The amount of strike force capability gathering around Lebanon's shores is massive overkill to the problems facing them. There are no current problems in the area demanding this sort of power. They must be there for some sort of action or conflict in the future.

The gathered naval forces are greater than any armada since World War II . There are two aircraft carriers, 15 war ships and thousands of troops. The country of Lebanon has been evacuated of expatriate's so these forces are not there for that purpose.

The French carrier alone can handle over 2000 targets at one moment. The French have 7 warships in the armada. Why are they there at such a level?

Probably because of the potential of war by Israel (and the US) against Syria and Iran. They are "pre-positioned" to trump any future decisions. Maybe also to keep Russian and US projections of power out of the area. The area is simply too crowded to allow any addition to this massing of force.

If the US and Israel attack Iran, the world will not just see it as an attempt to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons. They will see it as a further attempt to control middle-eastern oil. Things are warming up. Read more here.


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