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Friday, July 28, 2006

ACLU To Be Defunded?

No one organization is more damaging to cultural Christianity than the ACLU. And they do it with your tax dollars. They are funded, in part, by the US government. And if they win a case against a city, state, etc. they charge the taxpayers for their services through the lawsuit.

In other words, we pay the ACLU to attack our sacred institutions and remove them one by one.
Something about that just does not seem right. Right?

So a bill has been introduced to both houses of Congress to remedy the situation. Sam Brownback of Kansas is the chief sponsor of the bill.

You can read more about it here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


That's my main point/comment. The following is a side-note.
This issue touches on what I mean by "it's over". Let's see where this bill goes. I pray it passes. But even if it does, the real point is to see where things lay after it passes. The culture is already to far gone. Too much of the system is broken and too many of the people lack the required resolve to fix it, not to mention the diminishing, yet fluctuating, Christian worldview. Even when we fight the big stuff like the pro-life issue we fall too short. God bless South Dakota. Thank God for a ban on partial-birth abortion. But just think about it: we're fighting partial-birth abortion. That's the victory. How pathetic a situation when our victory is banning something that heinous. I'm for incrementalism but it really looks like the only thing that will turn us around is revival or revolution. Revival: I've never really got how to believe for that, aside from picturing trials and persecution first. Revolution: I don't mean to promote it, I'm too afraid to join it, and it's my observation on politics, and politics is only the *venue* of a Christian as one "in not of".

Other half-baked fixes. The border. Finally we do something. But the something is tenuous at best. Arnold in CaliFOR-nee-ah refused to send more guards to his border. Ah well, there are so many examples. Too much to rattle off and too much for me to remember well enough to present. Just look for compromise and half-fixes and you will see it everywhere. And yet the culture is going somewhere. And we know that direction is Secular Humanism.
I think President Bush is such a great sign from God. And like Bruce says, a nation deserves its leaders and also represents its status. I believed when Bush was running for president: ah, what relief... we'll be headed for the cliff at a much slower pace. Bush is one of the most decent (literal use of the word) guys we've had as president. But oh, the compromise, and the extra-ecumenicalism. And here's my take on God and the Supreme Court. We had to fight for Bush to know reality instead of "know her heart", !in order to honor his original promise of a Scolia-type nominee. So, we got two probable conservatives to replace a conservative and a "moderate". Yet still we have a split vote (at best), since Kennedy is increasingly liberal. "We can't win." The problem is deeper. And I think God is behind it. I mean, I think it's God's way that we can only do so much / go so far. It's because of our condition... AND his greater plan. Even if we fix the former, there's still the latter.

"Hello, my name is quistian, and I'm a fatalist." Not really, I just struggle with it at times a good Calvinist ...which is the only *true* religion. Ok, enough of my humorous digression. You don't have to struggle with fatalism to see our nation's fatality (coming). It's like in chess. Sometimes I know "it's over". I may still even be able to capture the other guy's Queen... but I know I'm going to lose... outside of a miracle, of him making a blunder. But I don't think Satan makes blunders per se. The miracle would be from God of course.
So we're left with the trail to Socialism and beyond which is worse. (I won't say C*mm*n*sm.)

So, what do we do? Michael Medved asked this question, anticipating the answers he got. Conservatives and Christians called his talk show and said they simply wouldn't vote... or stupidly join a third party. Medved exposed the quitting. But I say, just because it's over, no, don't quit. (And, Christian, don't start a physical revolution.) Stand. Continue. Moreover, just because we continue, doesn't mean it's not (virtually) over. The outcome is not our responsibility. We're going to lose the polictical chess scheme. It's even prophesied. (Although America's part is quite mysterious, isn't it.)

What are we hoping for? Can we really hope for big things? "Roe v. Wade" to be reversed. (Remember, I'm speaking in political scope.) Maybe. Maybe we will go off the cliff having reclaimed a couple political foundation stones. It's unwise to expect much more than that, without an awakening.

If you say we are going to win, I'm glad you are OF the New Jerusalem, but I'm speaking to those IN the USA. Our resolve doesn't match are hopes/desires. The heart usually changes by suffering. Terrorism and weather/land disasters are signs of this potential. Thank you, Jesus, for Bush's/our support of Israel. When we've brokered peace we've seen disasters. When our support falls then we'll definitely be falling off the cliff.

7:22 AM, July 29, 2006  

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