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Saturday, July 29, 2006

10 Million Year Old Bone Marrow ?

Scientists have extracted soft tissue from the remains of fossilized frogs and salamander in Spain. They think the stuff is 10 million year old. Hmmmm?

In June of 2005 scientists claimed to have extracted red blood cells from a Tyrannosaurus rex leg bone.

How can soft tissue be fossilized? It is soft tissue. They explain it as a "microenvironment that prevented bacteria from seeping in and rotting tissues" Huh?

I have a real problem with this. Bad presuppositions lead to bad conclusions.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right on. That's a good slogan that we need to hear repeatedly: "Bad suppossitions lead to bad conclusions." It seems that the more complex the science is the more corrupt or bastardized it gets. Like Bruce has remarked before: we don't see life coming out of anything but life; and, something doesn't come from nothing. That's simple simple science. Science consists of observation. A higher degree would be the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which can basically understood in one regard for practical application to be that entropy increases and therefore things break-down, essentially aside from intervention. And of course we Christians see this to directly preclude Evolution. I've heard experts rationalize that those laws have to do with a closed system and the Earth and its atmosphere aren't a closed system, in fact nothing is, and blah blah blah... essentially discounting any application to a law that usually seems quite important to many scientists... who I guess have control over their little created closed systems. Another expert I heard say if the 2nd law doesn't deal fully and exclusively with and by and in mathematics its not the 2nd law. So, I guess it's a law but it doesn't really mean anything except to help "prove" a theory (Evolution). Now we have microenvironments. Too complex for me. All I see in that is must be (statistically speaking of course) bad science. Bad, bad science... "shame on you".

2:26 PM, July 30, 2006  

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