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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Germany Sends 8 Warships To Lebanon

In addition to the armada of warships already gathered off the coast of Lebanon (see my post on Sept. 4th) Germany is now adding it's own force of 8 (!) warships. It makes a man wonder what is really going on. When you add this to the present two aircraft carriers and 15 other warships in the same area, and then stop and remember that this entire area is about half the size of Minnesota, you end up scratching your head and wonder why? That is enough firepower to eliminate everything in Minnesota in a couple of days using only conventional weapons.

I think it is simply a way of intimidating Israel to not even think of attacking Iran to stop its development of nuclear weapons. It is focused on Israel, not Lebanon.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"If the US and Israel attack Iran, the world will not just see it as an attempt to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons. They will see it as a further attempt to control middle-eastern oil." Sept 4th
Ah-ha! Didn't both France and Germany have secret, scandalous deals with Saddam Hussein!
Oh me, oh my.
Maybe they have deals with the 12th Imam in Iran also. Church-Lady says, "Could it be ...Satan."

11:45 AM, September 23, 2006  

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