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Monday, October 31, 2005

Email War Between U of MN and AFA

The American Family Association (AFA) wrote a editorial about the fact that Walgreens gave $100,000 to support the "Gay Games." I, for the life of me, cannot understand why corporations give money away to support anything that polarizes their customers. But they do.
And so AFA wrote an editorial about it. I must say , after reading the editorial, it sounds mean spirited and not redemptive. But it is only opinion and as such is free to be spoken.

Well, a University of Minnesota employee wrote a reply to the AFA that contained sophomoric profanity. Another entrenched U of MN ultra liberal bureaucratic employee speaks less than profound profanities against the villain of reactionary right wing thought. I wonder if anything better is on another channel. Oh, wait, this is real and not TV. His name is Greg Perrizo. He is a housing and residential life administrator who has a long history of being an activist liberal on the campus. Here is a statement of his beliefs that he and others authored a few years back. It is typical secular "can't we all just get along ?" newspeak that ignores moral, ethical, and spiritual boundaries that life requires and imagines a redefined culture molded in its own image.

When the AFA complained to the president of the University of Minnesota they received no reply. This added fuel to the fire. So the AFA is asking everyone to write a rebuke letter to let the world know about how offensive it is that someone cussed in a email written during company time as a state employee in Minnesota.

No, I don't think I will. Thanks for asking. Actually I think the AFA should say they are sorry for their reactionary verbiage in the first place. The goal of Christian thought and opinion should be redemption not rejection. Leave this sort of verbiage to the secular right wing. As Christians I think we can do much better.

Then I think that the U of MN employee, Greg Perrizo, should apologize for his street language. Two offences do not make a right. Let's try to keep the debate a little more mature than playground name calling. Normally I support the AFA and am thankful for their work but not this time. And my thoughts about the secular agenda on the U of MN campus are that they are walking another road than the one I walk.

You can read the AFA article here.


Blogger Fr. Daniel said...

The AFA article is listed as commentary, not a news article. As such, it seems the writer was employing a good bit of sarcasm to show the ridiculous nature of the matter. I don't find anything particularly spiteful in the column and, therefore, don't understand your response to the original article.

I'm afraid many Western Christians have become so sensitized to political politeness that we've become desensitized to truth.

9:01 AM, November 03, 2005  
Blogger lloydletta said...

The AFA went way overboard. I talked with Owen Marciano at the GLBT office about this - and the employee had used the web form to contact the AFA - and the form required a contact email address. The guy gave his u of mn email address. The email was rude, but wasn't meant to be public.

The AFA should make it clear with their contact form that they will publicize the names and employers of people who contact them.

I have posted about this incident in my blog, Lloydletta.

2:33 PM, December 04, 2005  

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