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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Sudan Vs. Darfur

Why does the world ignore Sudan? I don't get it. The death toll in Darfur is now up to 100,000, and many say if help is not established in two weeks it will be too late.

Sudan does not care about the people of the southern and western areas. It only wants total control of the land. It would be happy if the people of these areas were all dead. And the world doesn't seem to care because their deaths would have little or no effect on their lives and activities.

All that would have to be done to stop this today is to set up a blockade of the oil streaming from Sudan. Simple oil sanctions could do it. The other oil rich countries could increase production to make up the difference in the world oil supply. Nobody suffers except the corrupt oil brokers of Sudan. Why can't the UN do it? Or anybody for that matter?

We support one of the "lost boys" of Sudan who now lives in Kenya. One soul. He is attending school because a high school certificate is just about his only hope for the future. We are only able to do this because someone in our church is from Kenya and she has a family there and we are working through them. The boy was found by one of our missionaries on a trip to Africa.
But this is expensive. On a pastor's salary I cannot do it alone so even this is a collaboration with others. All for one person.

And the world is full of people like this. Fully one third of the world could use some help just to survive. Not buy TV sets. American welfare is a joke compared to real needs in the world.
But enough of my ranting. Just letting off steam.

Corruption, greed, and bribes are pandemic. These things seem to be extreme problems in many Islamic countries but I think that this is a symptom of man without God and not isolated to Islam. Come Lord Jesus.


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