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Saturday, October 22, 2005

American's Not Buying Evolution

A new CNN/USA Today/Gallop poll shows that a majority of adults support the biblical account of creation. Nobody starts out as an evolutionist. They have to be brain washed. Any normally inquisitive kid will conclude that there is a creator. He has to be indoctrinated to think differently.

I might say that the same thing holds true in abortion. No normally thinking person would think that the killing of a baby was a good thing. They have to be brainwashed into just seeing it as " a product of conception."

This fight over intelligent design in Harrisburg, Pa. is stirring things up. I have noticed that the web site has been blistering in its disdain over these proceedings.

I believe that the party line of evolution has run it's course. It's purpose was to promote atheistic thought. To deny God. The processes could take billions of years but that would not mean that there was not a God behind it. But they do a very weak job of convincing anybody but the previously indoctrinated of the billions part anyhow. Again, I am not ignorant. Convince me.
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Blogger Manateechik said...

I think a lot of people believe that people have evolved and that God had a hand in it. Kind of a combo-theory. Do you agree that a lot of people think that? I don't know what "a lot" is though, even as I'm spewing that stat, haha.

12:26 AM, October 27, 2005  
Blogger STAG said...

God created evolution, just like everything else, whether I like it or not. Evolution exists manateechik. Anybody who has bred horses knows that! This is not a matter of belief, to belive it does not exist is to be uncommonly blind! The height of hubris is the idea that people as we exist today are at the peak of our development as a species.
God paints with a wide brush, and takes his time creating...we are not done yet. Anybody who thinks we are at the peak of our development should examine the conditions at Middlewerk only 65 years ago. Or Auchwitz. Or Bagdad this week! Maybe the rocket scientists at Middlewerk eventually put a man on the moon, but they did it on the corpses of, what forty thousand slave workers? This is the peak of humanity!? What a joke!

Intelligent design is the biggest joke yet....a crude "compromise" by people with agendas! What blather and bullshit! Like yeah, God will come down and tell you everything he got planned! What pride! What chutspa! What nonsense!

God's plan is too big and complex to understand, let alone teach in a school. We have to evolve, that is the only hope we have. I would really hope that a loving god would not leave us as we are......if not, then we stay as we are....a species which fouls its own nest, kills thousands behind the wheel and with drugs, and had to invent words like "genocide" and "final solutions" to describe what we...the ones in the very image of God do to each other.

Bruce...feel free to delete this admittedly incendary post....I lurk here from time to time, but
tonight, I was feeling particularly disgusted with my fellow man.

1:39 AM, October 29, 2005  
Blogger bruce said...

Actually Stag (Bill) I am going to leave this up. I am not offended by anybody letting off steam. Some of the best conversations happen afterwards.

Micro evolution exists. Yes, species do change over time. But they never become so changed that they become a new species. Species change, yes, but not into another species. That is just plain indoctrination.

There simply is no proof.

But I do agree that the human population needs a change. And some are changing. Slavery was world wide and the worth of women was that of cattle only 150 years ago. Christian thought changed that not evolution.

The change is slow, but change has happened and is coming. Soon there will be a good King. King Jesus will rule over the affairs of man from the earth. Then you will see peace. I promise it.

2:17 AM, October 29, 2005  

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