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Friday, June 03, 2005

United States Human Rights

Publius Pundit has posted an excellent insight. He has gone online and googled each country's name along with the search words of "human rights abuses" His results show the totally skewed results. The USA is seen as the leader by far with three times as many abuses as China, etc.
You should look at the blog and follow his links and then come back here.

I posted my thoughts about this as a comment. Here is what I had to say.

excellent insight. I am linking to this post.

While the stats look skewed towards bias (that is surely there) I believe that the truth lies in the fact that the US is just about the only country that is doing anything in the way of police work for the world.

The usual then happens in this rebellious and dishonoring world. The one doing anything is criticized by unproductive wanna-bes.

No wonder all the charactered and skilled people withdraw from leadership. It is like a father who leaves the rebellious household and just walks off from his position of leadership.

I am sure that most Americans really would just like to withdraw and let the world go to hell, but no man is an island. Face it, if you are moving, you are a target.

This is one of the plagues that comes with a dishonoring society. A society where nobody is greater than me. God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. Death to the anti-hero.


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