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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Worldview 5

George Barna did research on pastor's and worldviews and found out some startling facts. He defined a Christian worldview as;
  1. A belief in absolute moral truth as defined by scripture.
  2. A belief in the accuracy of the Bible.
  3. A belief in the sinless nature of Jesus.
  4. A belief in the literal existence of Satan.
  5. A belief in the omnipotence and omniscience of God.
  6. A belief in salvation by grace alone.
  7. A belief in the personal responsibility of Christians to evangelize.
Only 28% of mainline denominations passed the test with the United Methodist coming in dead last at 27%.
Only 35% of African-American pastors passed.
Only 44% of Pentecostal/Charismatic pastors passed.
Only 51% of non-denominational Protestant pastors passed.
Southern Baptists scored the highest at 71% and all the other Baptists averaged 57%
hooray for the Baptists! (I call myself a Bapticostal) ;-)

A tree bears fruit of like kind. But without the above definitions can these churches be called Christian? These are not higher difficulty, extra credit type questions. This what Sears used to call basic/basic items.

If you would like to see how you do on a simple Christian worldview test you can order a copy of the full test on line for $9.95 or a short 20 question test booklet mailed to you for $4.25 by going to the Nehemiah Institute website here. If you want to go through a free registration process you can take the 20 question mini test here at Look up in the top left of the page to begin the online process.

The Nehemiah Institute is doing a great service by waking up Christian schools and families to the demise of a good biblical worldview.

Order a copy for your family but be ready for a shock when you get your scores back. Few Americans realize how far socialism has made in roads into our everyday thinking. You might even find yourself mad at the test and disagreeing to some questions but I assure you the answers are all biblical.


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