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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Mother Arrested Trying To Save Daughter and Grand Child

As I wait to get on the overloaded press release site I will report on what is known.

An Illinois mother who works as a bus driver woke her husband who works third shift and was sleeping with a frightening cry. They had to rush to the Granite City Hope Clinic abortion chamber and stop their 14 year old daughter from killing her child. She had been notified that her child was not in school and then found out that she had gone for an abortion. As she was yelling through the abortion clinic reception door "Amanda, Amanda, don't do it," she was arrested and with hands bound lead out of the clinic and into a squad car.

The child's rapist and his mother had phoned the school and the mother posed as the girls parent and got permission for the 14 year old to leave school for the abortion. The police did not arrest the father even though Amanda was only 14 years old. The clinic lied repeatedly that Amanda was not there even though her name was written in the sign in log book and highlighted. Then the clinic lied to Amanda that her mother was no longer on the premises and snuck her dead child's father and Grandma out the back door.

Now let me get this straight... The perp who violated a 14 year old girl was not arrested, the woman who falsely identified herself as Amanda's mother was not arrested, and the Mother who sought to just talk to her child was put in cuffs? And the police are sworn to uphold truth and justice and the American way? A 14 year old cannot even get a tattoo or her ears pierced without her parents consent but yet this travesty of justice happened. Why?


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