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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Worldview 3

Here is the third post in my blog series titled "Worldviews And Their Effect On Education."
  1. In quick review... What we believe, or our "worldview," greatly effects our understanding of education.
  2. Education is not a government or even a church responsibility. Education is the responsibility of the family. The family can delegate but must do so very, very carefully. It remains the families responsibility and God will hold the family responsible, not the church or the government.
  3. As each area or sphere of responsibility yield to God and His will, all will be harmonious and each sphere will be a blessing to the other.
  4. When one area is out of order it effects all other areas.
  5. No sphere of responsibility will be a blessing without "internal self government." God works from the internal to the external. Thus the need for changed hearts. "Ye must be born again"
Now we will go into today's blog.

All of life is under God's sovereign government and is directly responsible to Him.
Although there are different sovereign spheres of authority, there is only one God.
He rules over all and is all. His government knows no end.
His government constitution and by-laws are clearly written down for all to read. His Holy Spirit interprets these Words to individuals. Individuals join together and jointly (prayerfully) determine the will of God. Knowing God's will is very dependent upon knowing God's Word.

Knowing God's word is why we must have education and why it is always going to be closely tied to the church. The most common reason people go to college is to make more money, or prosper. But if you do God's will, you will prosper (not necessarily become rich). Everybody can provide for his or her own needs without education. They only need 40 acres and a mule. Thus the public education system becomes a means of making smarter widget makers. The reason for public education becomes productivity and indoctrination.

God's will is more important than man's wisdom. True Wisdom is built off of the "fear of the Lord" not just science. As someone said once, "figures don't lie...Liars figure!"
Outside of God's grace we are all liars. Thus there should always be checks and balances in the fabric of American government, Church government, and the practical working of a harmonious home. (wife working together with the husband)

When the brethren walk in unity, the grace of God flows down from the head to the skirts of the garment. This way each sphere of authority, responsibility or government in it's respective jurisdiction, receives and passes on the grace of God.

Well this is far enough for today. More on Thursday.


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