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Monday, September 25, 2006

Turks And Iran Preparing To Invade Kurdistan

The Kurds are an Islamic tribe that lives in the combined area of Northern Iraq, Eastern Turkey, and Western Iran. They have always wanted autonomy and independence and have been persecuted for decades. Now they are about to face their greatest challenge.

Iran and Turkey are about to launch a coordinated attack against the Kurds. It is said that Turkish troops are already over 5 miles inside of Iraq. Troops and munitions are amassing as I type this. It looks like a lifetime of horror is about to get worse. The Kurds have been literally fighting for their lives on three fronts now for years. There is nowhere for them to go. They have no country.

They do have control of a modest amount of oil in Northern Iraq and have made great gains since the US has taken the pressure off of them by eliminating Saddam's regime. It looks like Turkey and Iran have decided to take the oil away from them and to repay them for loyalty to the US during the Iraq occupation.

How will the US respond? We do not have the ability to open a new front in Northern Iraq to defend the Kurds. We do not have enough "boots on the ground." Yet these are the same people that Saddam killed by the thousands by gassing their villages with the (non-existent?) weapons of mass destruction that he had at his disposal.

On this sunny Monday in Minnesota, it looks like things are about to get a lot hotter on the world scene. I predict that the UN will not be able to get their stuff together and will be totally unwilling to help. I predict that the NATO will not respond. It will be left to the US to deal with this. I predict that we will only supply weapons, expertise, and a little bombing support. Kurds by the thousands might die.

Please pray for this. More here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The World is scary.
The World is very hairy.

11:53 AM, September 26, 2006  

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