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Monday, September 25, 2006

Britain Separated From France By Huge Flood

The history of Britain is being rewritten. The English channel was formed in 24 hours by a huge flood, according to the latest scientific research. The chalk ridge that connected Britain to the continent was scoured away by water from a huge lake that finally broke through the soft chalk barrier.

Large scour marks lie on the floor of the English channel and huge piles of rocks are also found in that area. Rocks too huge to be put there by any other method than a huge flood of water. There is even a channel sharply cut at the bottom of the English channel. All of these things identify water and a huge flood as the vehicle of this geological formation.

It is thought that the water was accumulated in a huge lake as the glaciers melted. The oceans of water were lower then due to the capture of water in the form of the ice in the glaciers. Finally the water overtopped the cliffs of Dover and a cataclysmic break developed as the water tore through the landscape with great force and power and emptied into the (lower) Atlantic ocean.

Of course this sort of thing never happened in the Grand Canyon. It was formed by a little bitty river over eons of time. Right?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zoinks! Hey, Scoobie.
Rewritten in a good way.
Now, if that itty-bitty river would get some "spill-over" from the Britain story. I'm glad scientists aren't smart enough to think to prevent *everything* from exposing their fear-fantasy craft.

10:37 AM, September 26, 2006  

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