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Thursday, July 06, 2006

UN Wants Own Army

The inept, scandal ridden, corrupt, and financially mismanaged UN wants its own army. Oh, they are going to call it a "rapid response peace-keeping force", not an army. They want to be able to respond anywhere in the world in 48 hours.

They have taken decades to even acknowledge some conflicts in the world, now they want a 48 hour response team? And tax funds to pay for it also I suppose? And it will be under the direct command of the UN. Not the country from which the troops come.

You know something? I really don't trust these guys too much. They need to rise above third world status in morals and corruption before I will give them anything.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! The article says the U.N. wants to do something about Sudan. Finally! Wow, that's great: they care about Sudan. ...while they propose an army. Hmmmm.
It sounds like when Hillary Rodham started testing her presidential bid by seducing the Conservatives. She fondly recounted that she was "saved". She remembers that day which meant so much to her [seriously she said this] when she got "born again". She mentioned lots of feelings.
Maybe worse than the Culture of Corruption is the culture of hypocrisy of corruption.
You can't be the worst unless you at least say you're of the best. To aspire to be in the brood of vipers ya gotta be religious. ...But the U.N.? Oh, they're bad too.

7:17 AM, July 06, 2006  

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