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Friday, March 17, 2006

Senate Majority Leader "Embellished "(Read Lied)

The DFL (Democrat, Farm, Labor) Minnesota Senate majority leader, Dean Johnson, admitted that he lied to a group of pastors, but he just couldn't bring himself to call it lying. He used the powder puff, we are all innocent here word, "embellished."

What he did was attempt to deceive a group of pastors from the New London and Spicer area who came to talk to him about the need for a constitutional amendment to define marriage as between one man and one women. He told them that he did not see this as necessary because the Supreme Court had informed him that they were not interested in overthrowing the current statute concerning marriage.

First, no responsible justice is going to prejudice him/her self by giving an opinion before it comes up. Second, Johnson was just trying to get the pastors to stop trying to get the amendment passed by saying it is not needed. Both are lies.

Politicians are a strange breed. They lie and call it embellishment. They aim to deceive the public to achieve their own agendas. They knowingly tell falsehoods to avoid having to deal with truth. And then this politician, Dean Johnson, gets mad because his public tape records him and exposes his lie.

He said that he has "no respect for professional clergy who conduct themselves in this manner"
Huh? They catch you in a lie trying to deceive them, and you say you have no respect for them? Am I missing something here?

Oh, I get it, the unprofessional conduct that the clergy was accused of was to tape record what you, a public servant, said. But without the tape recording, you would say that they were lying..... Go figure.

I have no respect for a professional political leader who lies. I think Johnson should sincerely apologize.

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