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Thursday, March 09, 2006



Nestorianism is the error that Jesus is two distinct persons. The heresy is named after Nestorius, who was born in Syria and died in 451 AD, who advocated this doctrine. Nestorius was a monk who became the Patriarch of Constantinople and he repudiated the Marian title "Mother of God." He held that Mary was the mother of Christ only in respect to His humanity. The council of Ephesus was convened in 431 to address the issue and pronounced that Jesus was one person in two distinct and inseparable natures: divine and human.
Nestorius was deposed as Patriarch and sent to Antioch, then Arabia, and then Egypt. Nestorianism survived until around 1300.
The problem with Nestorianism is that it threatens the atonement. If Jesus is two persons, then which one died on the cross? If it was the "human person" then the atonement is not of divine quality and thereby insufficient to cleanse us of our sins.


Blogger Douglas said...

I scored as Chalcedon compliant, but with Nestorianist tendencies. That got me thinking, "What is Nestorianism, anyway!?"

7:32 PM, March 10, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhh. The brilliance of clarity. It is good and important to have fine distinctions. Two consciousnesses? Okay. Two wills? Depends on what you mean by "will". As long as he is one person, in the person sense of the word. I think a clearer picture could be understood by understanding the tri-parte man. Spirit, Soul, and Body. As long as it's explained well, Nestorianism wrong, Chalcedon right. Gotta like the guy for trying on the Marian thing, though. Hey, let's start a tri-parte movement. We could call it the TP Movement. And I ain't talkin' potty-talk. And Watchman Nee isn't a heretic yet is he? No Council at Headstrong exists? Two natures, one person. Moreover, I think His "person" was all God (as a human), and since a human develops, there ya go. Maybe this isn't brilliant, but it's clear to me.

3:36 AM, March 11, 2006  

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